Beat The Summer Heat With Ice Blended


During the scorching summer months, offering ice blended drinks becomes a vital addition for F&B businesses. Why ice blended, you ask?

For your customers:

  • Refreshing Taste: Ice blended drinks offer a delightful way to cool down and quench your customers’ thirst on hot days. With their icy texture and bursting flavors, they provide a rejuvenating experience that perfectly complements the sunny weather.
  • Instagram-Worthy: Ice blended drinks aren’t just delicious; they’re also stunning to look at. Their vibrant colors, intricate layers, and eye-catching garnishes make them perfect subjects for social media posts.

For you:

  • Operationally Friendly: No need for fancy gadgets or complicated setups, crafting ice blended drinks is a breeze for F&B operators. It typically only requires basic equipment like blenders and ice machines, which are commonly found.
  • Profit Potential: Ice blended drinks often offer impressive profit margins, thanks to their cost-effective ingredients relative to their selling price. Curious about how much you can earn from selling a cup of ice blended drink? Check out the drink profit margin calculator here. This handy tool lets you input ingredient costs and selling prices, giving you a clear understanding of your profit margin in both absolute and percentage terms!

Elevate your ice blended game and turn up the flavor with top-tier beverage bases from DaVinci Gourmet. Download the e-book below to find out how DaVinci Gourmet Frappease Powder, Cooler Base and Flavour Maxx help you to

  • Create the perfect smooth and creamy frappe base
  • Provide superior stability to your ice blended drinks thus minimizing separation
  • Craft delicious ice blended drinks in just 3 simple steps with recipe inspirations

Download your Beat the Summer Heat with Ice Blended e-book for a delightful and profitable season. Let’s boost your sales and grow together in the industry!

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