Davinci Gourmet Flavour Genius Academy

calendarSeptember 21, 2022


Davinci Gourmet Flavour Genius Academy

Davinci Gourmet launches flavor genius community to support talent in the beverage community and ensure the best consumer experience

The Flavour Genius Community is the first-of-its-kind platform to provide rigorous professional training and resources for baristas, charistas and mixologists in the APMEA region to hone their craft, and offer the foodservice industry world-class training for their staff.
Finding good, trained staff who uphold high standards to keep customers coming back and help boost the business is a challenge for many operators today, especially when they lack the time, money or resource to train their people. Flavour Genius Community aims to bring together a close-knit regional eco-system of brand ambassadors to support our customers through innovation and industry expertise.

Supporting the Flavour Genius Community is the Flavour Genius Academy, which was established to develop trainees’ technical and commercial skills, and brand knowledge. In the programme, trainees will not only pick up skills and techniques in drink-making, more critically they will learn how to create and express flavour in every drink they serve, and will receive a certificate in flavour.

The programme focuses on three pillars: Barista, Charista and Mixology, across foundation and intermediate levels. A full suite of online training can be accessed through the Flavour Genius Academy website, covering topics such as basic knowledge, flavour profiles, equipment and tools knowledge, skills and techniques, and recipes.
Virtual engagements in keeping with today’s digital environment will be a big component of the programme, with regular live webinars held covering marketing insights, product knowledge and demonstrations. Among the trainers for these virtual sessions are Joseph Anthony Apostol, three-time Asia Flairing champion and Jeff Ho, an ATM certified Tea Master. The live events are open to external parties, allowing beverage artists or Flavour Geniuses to be profiled as ambassadors of DaVinci Gourmet.

The Flavour Genius Community is built on four main pillars that ensure the connectivity, inclusiveness, and development of trainees. Besides upskilling, members can also upload and share drink creations and recipes through a central library, as well as join informal monthly virtual gatherings to stay connected with peers, exchange ideas and knowledge and learn best practices.

The flavour genius™ academy

offers beverage professionals the chance to learn about the flavours every drink needs to make it go from good to great.

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