My DaVinci Gourmet Favourite Matcha Powder


Started career as a professional barista and trainer with over 12 years of experience. Then studied in organic products for 2 years. Provide a lot of inspiration to make drinks with various and refreshing flavours.


The taste of Davinci matcha with bitter undertones can get better when paired with the raspberry flavour, that adds to the goodness of this beverage. Perfect balance of sweet, bitter, floral notes, and creamy texture.

‘ซิกเนเจอร์’ ที่จะทำให้คุณโดดเด่นคืออะไร

Matcha from Davinci Gourmet crafted with young green tea leaves , and inspired by the oriental exotism of japan and combine with natural flavour from raspberry with floral notes. Very good combination and recommended for matcha lovers.

“ Rich & Creamy matcha latte ”

Matcha Latte

Drink Description:

This Beverage is a great way to enjoy your day. Especially for Matcha Lovers! Davinci matcha powder mix with Davinci Raspberry Rhapsody and hints of roasted almond.

Other Ingredients:
  • Ice cube 150g
  • Water 30มล.
  • Dairy Milk 50ml
  • Cookie crumble Garnish

  • Add matcha that has been dissolved in hot water into the glass
  • Next add ice cube
  • Combine raspberry rhapsody syrup with milk
  • And last, mix roasted almond syrup with foam and put it on the top of the glass.


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