Davinci Gourmet Green Future Café launch

calendar26th April 2023


Developed with key experts across food service micro-trends, DaVinci Gourmet Green Future is a whole new immersive 360 experience to discover the future trends, get tips and insights from industry experts to support Food Service operators to update their business in a sustainable way. Here, you will also be joined by many other beverage professional as you explore the art of brewing!

At our launch session on 26th April 2023, we were joined by 3 of the industry experts on a fireside chat, covering key Food Service topics such as Sustainable consumerism, Well-being, Food Theatre and Automation.

If you had missed the session, join us now here

Aaron 1

Eloise Dubuisson, the marketing leader of Kerry and a self-confessed food and beverage addict who is on a constant lookout for future Food and Beverage Trends with a major focus on coffee, tea, and beverages.

Roger Bright, a coffee industry expert, a master roaster, an innovative disruptor, and a trusted partner to farmers and customers. He is a genius when it comes to creating never-to-be-forgotten coffee experiences that change people’s lives for the better.

Aaron Phua, the super talented head barista at Café Thirty Seconds, who has a passion for sustainable coffee. With his ten years of experience in coffee making and serving, Aaron proudly represents Malaysia at the championships worldwide!

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